The road to and through parenthood is different for everyone and the vibrant scenery is always changing, no matter which path you take. Becoming parents is one of life’s most intense transitions – physically and emotionally – and requires parents to be resourceful and access unexplored parts of themselves that they perhaps didn’t know existed. My work focuses on supporting mamas and families along their journey so that they may unearth these pieces of themselves and move forward with empowerment, self-love and knowledge in both their head and their heart.


I am a certified Birthing From Within childbirth mentor and I teach childbirth preparation classes in the Orange County area. Birthing From Within takes a unique approach in that it teaches couples things like practical pain-coping techniques and partner support, the nuts and bolts of labor and how to make informed decisions, but it also explores the more soulful and emotional side of surrendering to the unknown of giving birth and becoming a parent. It feeds both the left brain and the right brain so that you can give birth from your entire being while giving yourself the freedom to make whatever decisions you believe will serve you and your baby as your story unfolds. Please click here for more details and class dates for my Birthing From Within classes.

I have trained with Pam England (author of Birthing From Within) and offer Birth Story Medicine® workshops or private sessions where mamas who wish their baby’s birth had gone differently can really be supported and heard without judgment, while guided through introspective exercises that will help them to move forward. I also offer Skype sessions for those who aren’t local to me. Please click here for more details about Birth Story Medicine.

I love offering the Mamas Circle – a “moms group” with a twist. Instead of the sole focus being on your beautiful baby, the main focus is on your inner journey of becoming a mother, as well as meeting other mamas and creating a supportive, open and fun community. It’s not a group about doing it “right” or the most “natural,” but a place for new moms to get their bearings and feel heard and supported. Please click here for more details about the Mamas Circle.

In addition to walking with couples before and after the birth of their baby, I also offer doula support for birth, high-risk pregnancy counseling and massage.

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