About Brandy

I thrive on honest connection with others and creating a safe, supportive space that helps inspire deeper self-exploration, self-love and hopefully lots of laughter. Anyone who knows me knows that finding the (sometimes dark) humor in things is part of my DNA. I adore helping new mamas, seasoned mamas, trying-to-become-mamas, birthing mamas, and soon-to-be mamas uncover pieces of themselves.

I am a certified Birthing From Within mentor and lead childbirth preparation classes for parents-to-be around the Orange County area. In addition, I offer Birth Story Medicine workshops and sessions, which help women who’ve had traumatic or unexpected birth experiences find some peace by looking at their birth through a new, more compassionate lens. With a new, wonderful partnership in place, I am also able to attend births as a doula. And in the middle of all of it, I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful children whom came into this world in two completely different ways.

I also currently blog for the Huffington Post and am a freelance writer. I have always followed my heart and have found myself lucky enough to enjoy a myriad of experiences and trainings. I have owned my own kid’s clothing company, taught and choreographed hip hop dance performances, attained certification as a massage therapist, dabbled in graphic design and spent two-years in an intense Meisner-based acting school in Los Angeles. I follow what makes me light up, which is always evolving.

I would love to hear from you – email me at brandyferner@gmail.com.


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