Birthing From Within


* I am currently on hiatus from teaching, but am referring out to my amazing doula partner (and fellow Birthing From Within mentor), Amanda Cagle. She offers both group classes and privates –

Birthing From Within™ classes are “gourmet” childbirth preparation classes based off of the landmark book of the same name, by the brilliant author, Pam England. If you have read the book, you already know how honest, compassionate and helpful this book is. For those of you who haven’t read it, I encourage you to visit Birthing From Within’s website.

Every couple gets something different out of their Birthing From Within classes. You may not know exactly what it is that you’re seeking and that’s okay, in fact that’s what makes these classes remarkably different from most of the childbirth preparation classes out there. There is fluidity based on the needs of each individual and class, coupled with practical information, pain-coping techniques and a safe place to connect and discuss all things birth. These classes offer the best of both worlds – food for the soul and practical tools for understanding and coping with labor. Many childbirth preparation classes are solely coming from the perspective of being on the outside of the birth – what interventions might be used or what your body might be doing – but Birthing From Within explores all of these perspectives plus (and most importantly), yours – the woman in labor.  What might labor feellike on all levels and what kinds of things might you need to know to get through your labor (which will be different from another woman)?

Highlights of what classes cover:

–  Creating a supportive environment in the hospital, home or birthing center.

–  Giving dads and partners specific and practical tips for how they can support the laboring mama, while also taking care of themselves.

–  Practicing proven pain-coping techniques.

–  Exploring your feelings, fears and hopes for birth.

–  Labor positions and comfort measures.

–  The nuts and bolts of labor – what it might look and feel like.

–  How to ask questions and making informed decisions.

–  A practical look at interventions.

–  Celebrating your journey as parents.

After Birthing From Within classes…

–  Moms walk away with more confidence that they can handle whatever their birth may bring. They are more hopeful and strong.

–  Dads or partners come away with a clear understanding of what labor looks like and lots of ideas of what they can do to help the birthing mother and how to interact with the birthing team. They seem less worried and much more sure of themselves.

–  Couples deepen their connection, forming a strong team that will work really well in labor. They have lots of fun, too, and no-one wants to leave at the end!

–  Most couples walk away with wonderful new friends.

Birthing From Within is not only for those seeking a natural birth. These classes lovingly support all types of birth – home, hospital, cesarean, natural, epidural, car (hey, it could happen!), etc.

I support you and your journey and am not tied to any specific outcome. There is no wrong or right way to birth, only the way yours unfolds.


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