High-Risk Pregnancy Consulting


Have you found yourself in a club that you wish you weren’t a part of?

Getting a “high-risk” diagnosis in pregnancy can be surprising, confusing, disappointing, worrisome and overwhelming. You may be wondering how you can work within a medical framework to keep yourself and your baby safe while also staying true to yourself and what you had hoped for your pregnancy and birth experience. Is there a way that both of those things can co-exist? The answer is yes. All is not lost.

It’s important to remember that the support you receive during pregnancy and birth is not limited to your medical provider. With the time constraints of regular prenatal visits, most parents have lingering questions and concerns – and long for emotional support as well as practical. I’ll provide a space for that missing dialogue and personalized guidance so that you can arrive at your birth feeling flexible, hopeful, prepared and empowered.

Every High-Risk Pregnancy Consulting session is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Your high-risk pregnancy consulting session could include help with:

  • Understanding your diagnosis
  • Figuring out what the actual concerns and risks are
  • Being heard in a safe and non-judgmental way about your new feelings and fears
  • Navigating and weighing hard decisions
  • Taking inventory of what details are most important to your experience and coming up with a plan on how to include as many as possible in your new journey
  • Empowering you to make informed decisions rather than having them made for you
  • Clarifying what your lingering questions for your care provider are
  • Exploring and practicing coping techniques for moments of intensity and uncertainty
  • Understanding common birth procedures, medical technology and possible alternatives
  • Advocating for yourself and communicating with your care providers effectively
  • Dealing with others’ response to your situation
  • Learning about rights in childbirth
  • Finding evidence-based care
  • Creating the most supportive birth environment

The initial session costs $150 for two hours with me.

Following sessions cost $100 for two hours with me.

Some couples want consistent guidance during their entire pregnancy and will choose to schedule monthly sessions. And others will want it here and there – or as new developments occur. I am happy to work with you as little or as much as you’d like!

To learn a little bit about my expertise in and personal experience with high-risk pregnancy and birth, please read this article.

To schedule a session, contact me at brandyferner@gmail.com.