Mamas Circle


Currently, I don’t have an ongoing Mamas Circle, but may be adding one in the near future. Please contact me at to inquire.

Based on the open-minded and gently empowering philosophy of Birthing From Within, this is a “moms group” with a twist ~ instead of the sole focus being on your beautiful baby, the main focus is on your inner journey of becoming a mother, as well as meeting like-minded mamas and creating a supportive and fun community. It’s not a group about doing it “right” or the most “natural,” but a place for new moms to get their bearings and feel heard and supported.

Topics may include:

• The amazing and challenging new facets of being a mother.

• Navigating marriage with a new baby.

• The shift in family and friend relationships – new feelings about your own mother, father, sister, best friend, etc.

• The seemingly inevitable “Mommy Guilt” and worry.

• Making choices from your heart rather than from someone else’s advice. What is right for your family?

• Sleep deprivation and other temporary hardships.

• How to nurture yourself and your growing baby.

• Navigating big life choices such as going back to work.

• Making art as a way of tapping into your inner knowing about motherhood, relationships, health, life, etc.

• Celebrating your new role as “Mama!”

As new moms, it can feel isolating and overwhelming (as well as blissful) and there may not be many opportunities to talk about the real stuff of being a mom in a safe and in-person forum. I’ve created the Mamas Circle for just that reason.

* This is a group for both moms and babies as well as boobs and/or bottles!